Hailey Acierno was a bright, talented, caring, witty, and passionate young lady who attended Hillsborough County Public Schools. Unfortunately, Hailey openly and often quietly struggled with mental illness. Despite all her efforts to overcome her struggles, along with help from family, friends, teachers, counselors, doctors, and therapists, in 2017, she lost her battle with mental illness. Through such tragedy came a wonderful non-profit formed by Hailey’s parents, Chris and Lisa Acierno, called Hailey’s Voice of Hope. A non-profit that dedicates its efforts to raising awareness and erasing the stigma of mental illness.

The foundation made it possible for our district to receive training on the Jordan Binion Project curriculum implemented in our high schools for the past three years. They also brought in Dr. Scott Poland, an internationally renowned expert in youth suicide and crisis prevention, to design and implement training for our school principals about suicide prevention.

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