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Mental illnesses occur at similar rates around the world, in every culture and in all socio economic groups. 1 in 5 young people suffer from a mental illness. Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24, and the FOURTH leading cause of death for ages 15-64. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza and lung disease COMBINED. These numbers are staggering. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on June 11, 2021 that during 2020, the proportion of mental health related emergency department visits increased 31% among adolescents aged 12-17 years compared with 2019. In June 2020, 25% of surveyed adults aged 18-24 years reported experiencing suicidal ideation related to the pandemic.

Hailey’s Voice of Hope’s beginning was unintended, but the foundation was started following the loss of our only daughter, Hailey Acierno, on March 28, 2017, at 17-years old, due to mental illness/suicide. Part of the mission of Hailey’s Voice of Hope is to develop educational programs that raise awareness and acceptance of mental illness, and to break the stigma of mental health issues as portrayed in the movies and on TV and as highlighted in the news to promote fear for increased ratings.

Since that time, our foundation has hosted five golf tournaments, dinners and silent auctions. We continue to be humbled by the support of so many friends and strangers for a foundation that is still in infancy. Hailey’s Voice of Hope’s Sixth Annual Golf Tournament, Dinner and Silent Auction is being held on Saturday, November 4, 2023 at Heritage Isles Golf and Country Club. For sponsorship and attendance information, please see the below tabs.

As indicated on our website, part of our mission is to support organizations that raise awareness of mental illness and prevent suicide, so every year our foundation makes substantial donations to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), and the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.

More importantly, another goal is to develop educational programs that raise awareness and acceptance of mental illness. In 2019, we partnered with the Hillsborough County School Board and the Jordan Binion Project to bring a one-week mental health education class to Hillsborough County high school students. The class helps students identify signs of mental illness and helps them identify available resources. For more information about the curriculum, please visit As of September, 2022, 46,826 high school students participated in the HOPE classes and received the curriculum.

In addition, on February 3 and 4, 2022, Hailey’s Voice of Hope sponsored Dr. Scott Poland from Nova Southeastern University to train almost 300 local school principals on the warning signs of teen suicide, suicide prevention, suicide post-vention and mental health awareness.

Hailey’s Voice of Hope also sponsored the printing costs of five mental health brochures for Hillsborough County students. In all, 150,000 brochures were printed for use in all Hillsborough County middle and high schools. The brochures cover the following topics: (1) suicide prevention; (2) bullying; (3) coping strategies; (4) sexual harassment; and (5) stress management. The brochures were placed in the schools at the beginning of the school year and were printed in English and Spanish. We are currently working with Pasco County Schools on a similar brochure campaign.

Finally, from January 31, 2023 through February 3, 2023, Hailey’s Voice of Hope sponsored two 2-day trainings on the PREPaRE Workshop 2 3rd Edition. The PREPaRE model describes crisis response team activities as occurring during the five mission phases of a crisis: (a) prevention; (b) protection; (c) mitigation; (d) response; and (e) recovery. In all, eighty (maximum capacity) staff members of Hillsborough County Schools received training on The PREPaRE model, which is a framework of crisis prevention and intervention designed for schools to address students’ mental health needs. A crisis can be characterized as an event perceived to be very negative, generates feelings of powerlessness or entrapment, and may occur suddenly or unexpectedly.

For more information about what Hailey’s Voice of Hope has accomplished, Hillsborough County created a video highlighting the partnership between the district and our foundation. The video can be found on our website (

Hailey’s Voice of Hope is operated solely by volunteers, and our expenses are nominal. Right now, our only expenses include website fees, and normal governmental fees to fully comply with local, state and federal laws for a 501(c)(3) foundation. With virtually no expenses, all donations are used to support Hailey’s Voice of Hope’s mission.

Chances are that you know someone who has been affected by mental illness and/or suicide. Consider your donation a powerful tribute to them.

Thank you in advance for your support and consideration.

Lisa Acierno

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