Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Lead U, an extraordinary group of teaching artists dedicated to shaping the future by empowering young minds across Tampa schools. Through creativity and leadership, Lead U equips learners of all ages to find the leaders within themselves. Dive deep into the world of Lead U and discover how they transform education into an exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Visit our website: https://www.leaduthere.com/

Who We Are

Lead U stands out with its unique approach to education, combining artistic expression with essential life skills to nurture the next generation of leaders. Our teaching artists are passionate about making a difference and fostering leadership qualities through innovative and engaging programs.

Our Impact in Tampa

This video features a comprehensive look at how Lead U has positively influenced Tampa schools. Witness firsthand the transformative experiences of students participating in our workshops and programs, learning to lead with confidence and creativity.

Supported by Hailey’s Voice of Hope & SPTS

We are honored to partner with Hailey’s Voice of Hope and the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS). These organizations are pivotal in supporting our mission to create safer, more supportive environments where children can thrive and lead.

In This Video

  • Introduction to the philosophy and mission of Lead U
  • Highlights from our workshops and sessions in Tampa schools
  • Testimonials from educators, students, and program sponsors
  • The lasting impact of leadership education on young individuals

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